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Signpost: The Book of Ecclesiastes


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About the “prime directive”

In his parting words Jesus said, “You shall be my witnesses.” He did not say, “Over there are two truckloads of rocks, boys. You know what to do.”

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Three servant-leaders in social media

Item IV.D of the preceding philosophy of education gives the rationale for what, in the American evangelical church, is commonly called “servant leadership.” It’s the idea that true leadership has less to do with someone’s outward signs of rank than … Continue reading

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Why I teach what I teach

Clerk’s Log, MJDate 54987.52: Applications for faculty positions usually ask you to state your “personal philosophy of teaching.” Here’s mine.

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It’s a Movie Mantra!

Awhile back I was privileged to read Movie Mantra number 64 for the estimable Martyn Darkly, and it’s apparently getting some buzz. Here’s the link. Martyn takes lines from memorable films (or memorable lines from not-so-memorable films) and presents them … Continue reading

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Metamor City Sidebar: What IS magic, anyway?

“The whole machine isn’t possible. Personally, I believe color television to be impossible too. But since it does exist, I will act as if I believed in it. We must do the same for the Energy Damper.” — Illya Kuryakin, … Continue reading

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Abortion — such language!

Thirty-six years after Roe v. Wade we’re still tossing around the same irrelevant labels. Neither the side favoring legalized abortion nor the side opposing it is “anti-life.” Nor is either side “anti-choice.” They do differ on what “life” means, and … Continue reading

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“Save the Planet”?

We don’t need to worry about “saving the planet.” (Neither the Death Star nor Narada is hovering nearby.) What we want to save is the existing biosphere.

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The Podcast Repertory Theater 2008–9, part 4: METAMOR CITY — MAKING THE CUT

Clerk’s Log, MJD 54961.9: Oops … drat. <sigh> Thus do I break the pattern of posting the TPRT article before the subject production comes to an end. Making the Cut is now complete and available at Check it out … Continue reading

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The Podcast Repertory Theater 2008–9, part 3: MURDER AT AVEDON HILL

Philippa Ballantine: Gloria Platt, mother of the deceased P.G. Holyfield: Arames Kragen, detective; Arrin Perti, student; et al. Chris Lester: [Not in this production] Tee Morris: Father Jorrus, undead-hunter Web site: It’s all in the game All four of … Continue reading

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