We have a winner!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me proudly announce that the estimable Elisabeth Waters has passed the 50,000-word finish line, making her a winner in the 2009 National Novel Writing Month. Reviving Fate is officially a going concern.

To prepare for it, I strongly recommend that you read Changing Fate, published by DAW Books and available in e-book, Kindle, and desecrated-Ent-corpse editions. Shapeshifters! Gods and city-state politics! Romance! Intrigue! and all without any need for vampires (sparkly or otherwise)!

Me? I’m going to continue work on my own piece (working title: Crown’s Jewel, although I expect it to change), a scifi-fantasy mashup set in our Treasures universe but taking an unusual turn therein. I’ve learned a lot from NaNoWriMo, including how answers can pop out at you from unexpected corners and how the standard advice “Just plant it in the chair and WRITE” can yield unexpected dividends. Stay tuned.

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