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Unguided Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Paradigm Smackdown!

Clerk’s Log, MJDate 55179.26: They say, “Don’t mess with success,” and it’s true that this is the most heavily commented article at the Scriptorium. But I’ve made some revisions anyway, for reasons I’ll report shortly. In the meantime, enjoy — … Continue reading

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THRESHOLD: A really extreme makeover

There was, for a while, a nicely-done television series on Friday nights in the USA entitled Threshold, about a quasi-invasion strategy being implemented by extraterrestrials, and the “homeworld security” task force that was working to foil it. The extraterrestrials’ tool … Continue reading

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SERENITY and faith

There’s power in the ’verse — and the verse is Revelation 3:15 (Note: Fear not — I hate spoilers as much as you do, and if I’ve done this right there aren’t any here.) One person with a belief is … Continue reading

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