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Waiting for SERENITY

What you care about is the ships — and mine’s the nicest.— Kaywinnit Lee “Kaylee” Frye . . . and it was to have hit the screen today at A Theater Near You. But ’twas not to be, alas; the … Continue reading

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Valuing persons 3

Observation on the preceding article: What I’ve called “assigned value” shows up all the time in the pricing of merchandise. How much is commodity X worth? Answer: Not what the maker thinks it’s worth, not the cost of the materials … Continue reading

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Valuing persons 2

At what point,” you say? Simple: The instant supply outstripped demand.

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This one’s for you, Dad

UVa board discusses brand possibilities The University of Virginia Board of Visitors discussed the possibility of establishing a brand for the school. — Charlottesville Daily Progress, 3 April 2005 Man, that’s harsh. Even at the University of Texas they just … Continue reading

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Valuing persons

At what point did human life become so cheap that we could afford to argue about its quality? Just asking.

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