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Nominating “Huntress” for a Parsec Award

Clerk’s Log, MJDate 54611.9: The following is my pitch to the Parsec nominating committee on behalf of Chris Lester’s story “Huntress,” part of his Metamor City Podcast.

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SCI PHI, the journal, is here!

For those of you who wondered how soon I’d make it into print again…

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Walking in a trinitarian wonderland

You remember how, when Israel crossed over the dried-up Jordan, Joshua had the Israelites take twelve large rocks from the center of the riverbed to build a monument to the event at their first encampment (Joshua 4:1-9). Have you remembered … Continue reading

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Specialty T-shirts…

…can get you into so much trouble with the fairer sex. “My eyes are up here, buddy.” “Yes indeed, but the unusual words/drawings are down there.“

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Scott Sigler, a Strauss waltz, and Super Bowl XLI

Clerk’s log, MJDate 54262.0: Scott’s gracious comment on a previous article reminded me of something remarkable that happened this past February. Let me tell you about it. Every so often someone comes along and completely changes your perspective on a … Continue reading

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The Soul of the 7th Son: Gimel

Clerk’s log, MJDate 54091.7: Book One of J.C. Hutchins’s thriller 7th Son, “Descent,” is now complete, and it’s available for download in audio form at (book plus extra material) and (book only). If you haven’t yet heard it, … Continue reading

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For mine is a Pickle tale …

You — yes, you — can encourage an aspiring podcaster! Namely, me.

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Moving is such an enjoyable task … NOT

As you can see, this site has not only a new location but a new look.

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How appropriate is our national anthem?

Occasionally we hear the complaint that “The Star-Spangled Banner” is an inappropriate national anthem for the USA. During the ’60s I heard it especially, most likely because war wasn’t, um, a hugely popular concept at the time. Francis Scott Key’s … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design and President Tilghman

John Teevan, guest contributor Clerk’s Log, MJD 53817.9: Continuing our discussion on naturalistic evolution and Intelligent Design, we present the following letter by John Teevan (who graciously agreed to share it with us), a condensed version of which was published … Continue reading

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