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Intelligent Design and President Tilghman

John Teevan, guest contributor Clerk’s Log, MJD 53817.9: Continuing our discussion on naturalistic evolution and Intelligent Design, we present the following letter by John Teevan (who graciously agreed to share it with us), a condensed version of which was published … Continue reading

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You know you’ve REALLY made it when …

…Brad Guigar (of the comic strips “Evil Inc.,” “Courting Disaster,” and “Phables“) issues you your Forum Powers! Behold and tremble: Or at least swallow that mouthful of coffee first.

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Unguided Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Paradigm Smackdown!

Clerk’s Log, MJDate 55179.26: They say, “Don’t mess with success,” and it’s true that this is the most heavily commented article at the Scriptorium. But I’ve made some revisions anyway, for reasons I’ll report shortly. In the meantime, enjoy — … Continue reading

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You know you’ve made it when …

… Celestial Seasonings puts a quotation from your novel on a bag of its throat lozenges (T.A. Barron). … your music is used as the background for an erotic film festival (Milton Babbitt.1) … Reverend Fun uses your suggestion for … Continue reading

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A weak moment

I can, therefore I am. — Simone Weil I once knew a woman like that. Man, the amount of zucchini, mincemeat, and rhubarb preserves she had stashed away in her cellar … What? Oh. Never mind.

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Valuing persons 2

At what point,” you say? Simple: The instant supply outstripped demand.

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This one’s for you, Dad

UVa board discusses brand possibilities The University of Virginia Board of Visitors discussed the possibility of establishing a brand for the school. — Charlottesville Daily Progress, 3 April 2005 Man, that’s harsh. Even at the University of Texas they just … Continue reading

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Valuing persons

At what point did human life become so cheap that we could afford to argue about its quality? Just asking.

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George David Spence, 1922–2005: Requiescat in gaudio

When from my dying bed My ransomed soul shall rise, “Jesus died my soul to save!” Shall rend the vaulted skies. — E. M. Hall My father, George Spence, passed away early Saturday morning, March 19, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Because … Continue reading

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