Moving is such an enjoyable task … NOT

As you can see, this site has not only a new location but a new look.

The new location is MWS Media, which I heartily recommend to anyone who has a do-it-yourself web project on the agenda. Matthew Wayne Selznick is a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur who’s interested in helping his colleagues work out their ideas, and one way he’s doing this is to make web space available at prices that don’t assume we work for deep-pocket companies. (Our family business, MARS Creative Projects, is definitely not one of those — and it’s found a home at, courtesy of MWS Media.)

On top of that, he’s an sff writer and podcaster who knows his stuff in both areas. Check out his novel Brave Men Run in both podcast (free!) and print form.

As for the new look: I started the Scriptorium as a way of furthering not only my writing but my web-design education (and I’m grateful to all the folks at SFF Net for giving me the ability to make it happen!). Through hand-coding XHTML, CSS, RSS, JavaScript, and PHP, I learned how wheels work by reinventing them. Now I’m at the point where an automated content-management system seems appropriate. Enter WordPress, which so far appears to be working quite well.

Now I’m studying its documentation and trying to figure out how I can get the old look back and improve upon it.

The bottom line: You’re going to see some typos and some broken links for a while. Please bear with me, and I’ll make ’em go away before too long.

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