Pickle Tale postscript

The results are in … and I’m out. Not a problem; hey, out of the initial 26 submissions (and you’ll get to hear all of them during the various Pickle Tales podcasts), I was chosen to be one of the 12 competitors, and I’m told that’s an accomplishment.

Here are the winners of Round 1:

Give Round 2 a listen. These are seriously talented storytellers.

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2 Responses to Pickle Tale postscript

  1. Dr. Michael! So cool of a set-up you’ve got going. I’m so happy for you!! I wanted to alert you to my new site and have you drop by but I couldn’t find the contact email on the site so I’m sending you a comment;). Send me an email and I’ll give you the site url. Be blessed, as always – Heather

  2. Michael says:

    Aha! Check this out, folks: Confessions of an Unmedicated Xer, by the same delightful young lady who has written the “Soul Sensations” for the Jamison Jambo and continues them here as the “dVoes” (see the Blogroll, to your left). Well worth your time.

    And if you scroll the Frappr map to equatorial Africa, you’ll see a pin near the southwest edge of Kenya. That’s close to where you’ll find Heather and Brian, just on the other side of the equator. Very much Neat People.

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