The Soul of the 7th Son: Aleph

If you want to see a good example of an SFF novel that slips in philosophical issues without whacking you upside the head with them, check out 7th Son, by J.C. Hutchins. Continue reading

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Moving is such an enjoyable task … NOT

As you can see, this site has not only a new location but a new look.

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Hello to a colleague

I said at the outset that I wanted to consider some theological themes as they relate to current science fiction and fantasy. Well, it turns out someone beat me to it. Please check out Jason Rennie’s excellent podcast The Sci Phi Show, which does the same thing under the banner of philosophy.

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How appropriate is our national anthem?

Occasionally we hear the complaint that “The Star-Spangled Banner” is an inappropriate national anthem for the USA. During the ’60s I heard it especially, most likely because war wasn’t, um, a hugely popular concept at the time. Francis Scott Key’s verse should be deep-sixed, we were urged, in favor of something like “America the Beautiful.”

Nowadays the question is worth revisiting. How appropriate is the song?

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He is risen

He is risen indeed!”

And you can bet the farm on it.

In fact, you already have. But is your money on “True” or “False”?

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My word, someone liked it

“One Drink Before You Go” just received a Fictionwise Recommendation:

Michael Spence’s “One Drink Before You Go” is an ancient tale as current in appeal as it is age-old. Another gem from Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Worlds.”
— Eugen Bacon, Fictionwise Recommender

Meanwhile, check out another response to President Tilghman’s anti–Intelligent Design speech.

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Intelligent Design and President Tilghman

John Teevan, guest contributor

Clerk’s Log, MJD 53817.9: Continuing our discussion on naturalistic evolution and Intelligent Design, we present the following letter by John Teevan (who graciously agreed to share it with us), a condensed version of which was published in the 5 April 2006 Princeton Alumni Weekly. It addresses Princeton University president and molecular biologist Shirley M. Tilghman’s 1 December 2005 Romanes Lecture at Oxford University, entitled “Strange Bedfellows: Science, Politics and Religion,” in which she comes down rather hard on ID.

President Tilghman is obviously intelligent, and her Oxford lecture on science’s search for origins as compared to intelligent design was excellent. It was as clear as anything I have read on the topic, but I have two comments.

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JW returns

In case you didn’t see last February’s article on Joan Winston, it’s relevant again: she’ll be at Shore Leave 28 (7–9 July 2006), along with Peter David and — can it be true? — Susan Shwartz. Get acquainted with these people. You won’t regret it.

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You know you’ve REALLY made it when …

…Brad Guigar (of the comic strips “Evil Inc.,” “Courting Disaster,” and “Phables“) issues you your Forum Powers!

Behold and tremble:

Power ring around the collar. Wielder of the Punglasses.

Or at least swallow that mouthful of coffee first.

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God on our side in Twenty-aught-six?

Today’s quotation from A.Word.A.Day:

The problem with being sure that God is on your side is that you can’t change your mind, because God sure isn’t going to change His.
— Roger Ebert, film-critic (1942– )

I’ll give that an Amen! and a thumbs-up. ’Tis far safer to enlist on his side, rather than vice versa.

Here’s to a New Year with boldness and humility, laughs and sobriety, zeal and optimistic realism. Cheers!

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