Gooooood morning, 2013!

[Note: For full effect, imagine the above proclaimed by Robin Williams at his most boisterous. Thank you.]

To answer those of you who observed that 2012 has been absent from these [pages], we offer the following explanation: Many things actually did happen during 2012, including the move of MARS Creative Projects’s home offices across the Mississippi River, that firm’s expansion into audiobooks, its entry for the Escape Pod SF podcast, and its collaboration with the MZB Backlist Project. (Information on the second and fourth items is forthcoming.) With such important activities in progress, we clearly dared not risk falling prey to the Mayan cataclysm (or was it merely a timing-out?) predicted for 21 December 2012. We therefore accepted the offer of the Temporal Services Administration (TSA) to shunt the firm directly from the end of November 2012 to January 2013, for the (to us) quite reasonable fee of January–November 2012.

All is well, and we are completing our systems reconfiguration. To those of you who missed us, welcome back, and we hope to provide you with further information soon. And to those of you who also took advantage of the TSA shunt service, Merry Christmas!

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