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Christian and otherwise. Lots of overlap with philosophy, although I claim no expertise in that field.

Intelligent Design and President Tilghman

John Teevan, guest contributor Clerk’s Log, MJD 53817.9: Continuing our discussion on naturalistic evolution and Intelligent Design, we present the following letter by John Teevan (who graciously agreed to share it with us), a condensed version of which was published … Continue reading

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God on our side in Twenty-aught-six?

Today’s quotation from A.Word.A.Day: The problem with being sure that God is on your side is that you can’t change your mind, because God sure isn’t going to change His. — Roger Ebert, film-critic (1942– ) I’ll give that an … Continue reading

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Unguided Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Paradigm Smackdown!

Clerk’s Log, MJDate 55179.26: They say, “Don’t mess with success,” and it’s true that this is the most heavily commented article at the Scriptorium. But I’ve made some revisions anyway, for reasons I’ll report shortly. In the meantime, enjoy — … Continue reading

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When life didn’t go according to plan

So here you are. You’re getting older, and what’s happened to your life? Precious little, that’s what.

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Reflecting on Hurricane Katrina

My boss returned yesterday from Shreveport, Louisiana, where he helped to organize relief operations in Hurricane Katrina’s wake. Like other experiences of extreme conditions, the aftermath of the hurricane has shown us humanity at its best and at its worst.

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Valuing persons 3

Observation on the preceding article: What I’ve called “assigned value” shows up all the time in the pricing of merchandise. How much is commodity X worth? Answer: Not what the maker thinks it’s worth, not the cost of the materials … Continue reading

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Meaning and mind-changing

I noted in the introduction that this site isn’t a blog, although it certainly seems we’re blundering into that territory. One distinction is that because of the nature of blogger software1 — and if I’m wrong here please correct me … Continue reading

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On meaning

Where there is no meaning, there is no being. — Vera Nazarian [Note: The above was initially used as the epigraph for the Scriptorium.] So what about that quotation up there? Well, it makes sense — even if you violently … Continue reading

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