Theologian Cornelius Van Til once advised an incoming seminary class: “To keep your balance, read the funnies every day.”

Today's Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen
One of the most consistently funny panel cartoons I’ve seen.
Looking for some skewed takes on biblical concepts and church culture? Here they are.
Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire
Fantasy storytelling, with heart and good humor. And DD’s dad plays a mean guitar.
Evil, Inc.
Evil, Inc.: It’s a corporation run by and for supervillains. You thought Dilbert’s company was evil? Nah, it’s just moronic. This one, on the other hand … well, okay, it has its inept moments too — all following the logic of supervillainy.
A nicely tilted look at a number of science fiction traditions. The captain’s a goldbricking con-alien, the mate is an explicitly non-Three-Laws robot (there’s a practical reason for that), and the engineer is an adorably anthropomorphed genengineered wolf.
Girl Genius
Melodrama in a steampunk Europe, with Phil Foglio’s always-delightful drawings. I do declare, that man can say more with facial expressions alone than anyone since Chuck Jones.
Schlock Mercenary
This one could be marketed as straight military science fiction if it weren’t also funny as all get-out, with lines like “‘Minimal collateral damage’ and ‘entire star system’ do not belong in the same sentence.”
And the gun-toting blob that looks as though it were born in a cow pasture is a sergeant.
Check out the nifty CSI parody.
Starslip Crisis
Ego! Bureaucracy! Artistic pretentiousness! — and that’s just the Captain …
Tux and Bunny
Writer Lorna Appleby loves bad puns and stuffed animals. Combine the two and … well, when was the last time you were blindsided by a plush penguin?
The News Chicks
Perhaps the best slant on the TV news business you’ll see this year. Or next.
Adventures aboard the starship Entire Prize — and if the first two letters of SciFi stand for “sacred cow,” rest assured that it’ll be well barbecued. And don’t go thinking any other genre is safe either.